Differentiate Remy Human Hair from Synthetic Hair

Remy human hair is a high-quality, natural human hair extension product that preserves the natural look and feel of real hair. Due to its exceptional quality, it is used for exclusive hairpieces, hair extensions, wigs, and other hair styling items.

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Look Great with Hair Extensions:

Having long hair is difficult to maintain. Washing it, drying it and for some people out there, straightening it. Have you ever thought about hair extensions? The demand for hair extensions is rising dramatically. Celebrities have been wearing hair extensions for... read more

Attaching Hair Extensions

Step 1: Separate the hair where you want to insert the hair extension. And clip up the remaining hair Step 2: Slightly tease your hair at the roots to help keep the extension secure Step 3: Open the clips by holding either side and snapping open Step 4: Start with the... read more

Dying Your Hair Extensions

Now those people with unique hair colours can dye their own extensions to match their own hair colour! Our Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair which means, YES you can dye them. For those people with unique hair colours, this is the perfect opportunity to wear your... read more