How long will my extensions last?

Remy human hair extensions can last a very long time depending on how well you look after them and how often you wear them.  On average they can last several months to over a year.

How long does my hair have to be to wear hair extensions?

People are often surprised to lean that your hair doesn’t need to be very long at all in order to wear hair extensions.  Clip in Hair Extensions can be applied to hair only 3 inches long.

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair?

Synthetic Hair may be a lot cheap than real human haircut there are many disadvantage to synthetic hair that explains why. Firstly synthetic hair won’t last as long. Synthetic hair tends to tangle easily and is not as comfortable to wear as real human hair.  Remy Human Hair extensions are human hair so you can do what you do with your own hair and treat the extensions exactly as you do with your own.  You can blow dry, straighten, curl, style, spray and wash Remy Human Hair Extensions. 
Another disadvantage to synthetic hair is that colour matching is difficult. It is a lot easier to get a more natural match for your hair with Remy human hair.

Can I straighten my Extensions?

Remy Human Hair Extensions can be straightened, blow dried and curled just as you would your own natural hair.

What are Hair Extensions made from?

Hair used for hair extensions varies in grades and a difference in the quality. At Studio Extensions we use the highest quality human hair available – Remy Hair.  Remy hair has been cut from a human head of hair as opposed to used hair that has fallen out or brushed off.  As it has been cut the hair is less likely to tangle and is easily manageable like your own.  The Remy human hair extensions will blend with your hair and is the most natural option available.

Can I use products on my hair extensions?

Use high quality products that are recommend for dry and damaged hair.  You can use any products you would use on your own hair, eg, hairspray.

Can I cut my human hair extensions?

Simply, yes you can cut them. Studio Extensions offer 22inch long Hair Extensions. This length is very common and is often the most suitable for people. We suggest you take them to your hairdresser and get them professionally shaped to suit your hair style.  If they are the perfect length for you, they do not need any shaping or cutting as they will sit just right.

What forms of payment do Studio Extensions accept?

Studio Extensions accepts payment via PayPal, Bank Transfer or if you are in South Australia you can pay cash on collection.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

We are confident you will love your new hair, however for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns, so please choose carefully and if you have any questions or concerns just contact us in advance and we can offer the right advice:-)